10th Anniversary Duwamish River Festival

The UW EDGE Center and Superfund Research Program were among the sponsors of the 10thAnniversary Duwamish River Festival at Duwamish River Park on August 20, 2016. Outreach staff from both groups hosted an exhibit table.

Environmental Health wheel
EDGE Center Outreach Manager Marilyn Hair’s display was about ultraviolet (UV) light, sunburn, and skin cancer. Visitors spun the Environmental Health wheel to land on a question about UV, sunscreen, SPF, Vitamin D, cancer, or cloudy day. Participants received a prize of sunscreen or a UV-bead bracelet. Most people knew how to protect their skin but many don’t use enough sunscreen or apply it every two hours as recommended. Check out our factsheet about Protecting Your Skin from UV Exposure.

Superfund Research Project display
The Superfund Research Program Community Engagement Core’s display demonstrated river water turbidity and sedimentation rate variations that occur in the Lower Duwamish Waterway site. Program manager Katie Frevert asked children to invert test tubes filled with water samples and imagine the different environments experienced by fish. The samples ranged from cloudy, sediment-filled water to quick-clearing water from a rocky substrate. Participants then used an aquarium net to capture Swedish-fish gummy candies.  A plankton net and dose-response lab glassware caught additional inquiring eyes. 

The 10th festival included 44 tables hosted by a variety of government, non-profit, community, and commercial organizations. Festival-goers were entertained by 11 groups of performers, including the Duwamish Tribe, Ballet Folklorica Angeles de Mexico, Kapulli Tlaloktecuhtli Aztec Dancers, the Somali Youth Perforance Group, and a Zumba demonstration. 700 people attended the festival on a hot, sunny day, 97 ° to be exact, a perfect day to talk about sunscreen. We were grateful to be under a tent. 

-- Marilyn Hair & Katie Frevert  
Kalpulli Tlaloktecuhtli Aztec Dancers

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