Event Highlight: Public Health Café - Biobanks

Participants at the Public Health Cafe during the table discussions

May 17, 2012. If you were asked to create a bumper sticker about donating tissue or DNA to research, what would it say? At our second Public Health Café  at Chaco Canyon Café we focused on what needs to happen to build better biobanks – and wrapped up the event by asking participants to give us their bumper sticker ideas. Sharon Terry of Genetic Alliance was the guest presenter; she weaved her personal story of her daughters’ rare genetic disease into the history and opportunities in biobanking. She showed us how it is possible to motivate researchers to collaborate and how much can be done when we work in partnership. It was a moving and very accessible way to get people thinking about what is at stake when someone is asked to decide whether to become a donor for biomedical research. Here are some of the wonderful slogans our participants shared with us:

  • Biobank: Invest in our future
  • Biobanks - A Way to Build a Better World
  • Biobanks Benefit Humans
  • I'm in! You're welcome.
  • I'm a Donor
  • Biobanks Save Lives
  • Data Sharing Means Researcher Caring
  • Don't let our biobanks go bankrupt, invest your DNA
  • Collect interest on your DNA - Invest in a biobank
  • Ask Me About Biobanking
  • That's my Data!
  • Biobanks - Get Involved!
  • Give, Live & Learn

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